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My husband and I have really busy lives and often don't have time to clean the house. Unfortunately, both our kids have quite bad allergies to dust and mould, which means we need to keep the house spotless, which can be quite hard. We have started having a professional cleaning service come in a few times a week to give the house a good scrub while we are at work. It means that we can come home to a clean house. It means everyone is healthier, happier and less stressed out. This blog is for other parents of kids with allergies and has tips on how you can keep your house allergen free.


Allergy free houses

Cleaning High Windows in Your Home? Here Is How to Reach Them

by Clarence Shelton

If you live in a home with high windows, you know how difficult it is to clean them. The exterior side in particular is difficult to access, especially if you live in a two- or three-storey house. Does this mean that you should let your windows collect dust and remain dirty? No! Here are a few tips on how to access and clean hard-to-reach windows in your home.

Disassemble the Panels

Some windows have a mechanism that allows you to disassemble the panel and reassemble it. If you have such windows in your home, you can disassemble them, remove the glass panels, clean them and put the windows back together. This method is pretty straightforward and poses minimal safety risks.

However, the only challenge is that you have to remember where everything goes so you can reassemble it after cleaning. If you forget, you may need to call in an expert. Also, you need to handle the panels with care to avoid breaking them, a mishap that would cost you a lot of money in window replacement. When accessing high windows from inside the home, step on stable surfaces and ask for help to avoid falling or dropping the glass panels. 

Buy a Commercial Squeegee and Extension Pole

Some squeegees are designed for commercial window cleaning, and you can attach them to extension poles. These poles are available in various lengths, and you can choose them according to the height of your windows.

This method also has minimal safety risks. All you need to do is keep watching your step as you move along the length of the window. If you don't look down occasionally, you can easily trip over something and get injured. Also, take note of overhead electrical cables and steer clear of them. On the downside, this technique may not deliver quality results, especially if the window is two or three storeys up. 

Invest in an Extension Ladder 

Using an extension ladder can help you to give the windows a thorough clean. However, this is one of the riskiest techniques. If you don't place the ladder on even ground, it can fall and take you down with it. Also, if you aren't stable enough to balance on a ladder, you can fall and get hurt.

Only try this if you have a stable extension ladder and can maintain your balance while on it. Also, clean the windows on a calm, windless day, as high winds can compromise the stability of the ladder and cause a fall.

As you can see, cleaning your hard-to-reach windows on your own is not an easy affair. There are always risks to contend with. Keep your windows clean while maintaining safety by hiring a professional window cleaning service. The experts have the tools and equipment to clean your windows without risking falls and injuries.