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My husband and I have really busy lives and often don't have time to clean the house. Unfortunately, both our kids have quite bad allergies to dust and mould, which means we need to keep the house spotless, which can be quite hard. We have started having a professional cleaning service come in a few times a week to give the house a good scrub while we are at work. It means that we can come home to a clean house. It means everyone is healthier, happier and less stressed out. This blog is for other parents of kids with allergies and has tips on how you can keep your house allergen free.

Allergy free houses

Is Enlisting A Commercial Lawn Mowing Service A Worthy Expense?

by Clarence Shelton

Having an expansive garden, undeniably, is a luxury most Australians business owners want for their dream commercial property. A well-manicured lawn not only bolsters kerb appeal, but it also provides you with an enchanting view surrounding your commercial property and a serene place to have outdoor meetings with new or old clients.

Nonetheless, once you have a lawn, it is imperative to hire staff to take care of it. And if the gardener you choose does not have the proper training, it is only a matter of time before your entire commercial property starts to look like a dishevelled mess. While you may think that hiring and firing staff to find the right fit is a route you can take, a better solution is to enlist commercial lawn mowing services. Here are two reasons why enlisting a commercial lawn mowing service is a worthy expense for your business.

Prevent undue damage

One of the first reason why so many Australians have converted to commercial lawn mowing services is that there is a decreased risk of damage on the property. Although some self-taught gardeners may have garnered enough experience to conduct a professional job, this is not a given. You may think choosing an affordable tradie to maintain your property's lawns will be sufficient only to find that they are not well-versed in proper yard maintenance.

Resultantly, the grass and plants on your lawns start to suffer either due to over-cutting, under-cutting and little or excessive watering. When you hire commercial mowing services, you are guaranteed that the staff is highly trained in proper lawn care so there will be a diminished risk of damage to your property.

Increased bottom line

A surprising benefit of choosing to outsource your property's mowing needs is the boost that your bottom line will get. If you choosing to hire in-house staff for your property's gardens, there are a host of expenses that you will have to bear. For starters, you will have to put the in-house gardener on payroll, which means additional expenses for your business.

Secondly, you will have to invest in the right lawn care tools and products, which can be exorbitantly priced considering that they are being employed for commercial purposes. For instance, while residential mowing can be done with a push-mower, commercial mowing will need a ride-on mower for the expanse of your gardens.

Thirdly, in the event of any injury caused by the gardener to others or that they acquire while on the job, you will have to pay for the medical costs. Commercial lawn mowing services save you money since they bear all the above-mentioned costs. Thus, your only expense will be for the services that you receive.