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My husband and I have really busy lives and often don't have time to clean the house. Unfortunately, both our kids have quite bad allergies to dust and mould, which means we need to keep the house spotless, which can be quite hard. We have started having a professional cleaning service come in a few times a week to give the house a good scrub while we are at work. It means that we can come home to a clean house. It means everyone is healthier, happier and less stressed out. This blog is for other parents of kids with allergies and has tips on how you can keep your house allergen free.


Allergy free houses

Top Sheepskin Rug Cleaning Tips From the Professionals

by Clarence Shelton

Sheepskin rugs are an attractive asset in anybody's home. In addition to looking fantastic, they feel soft beneath your feet. Like all home textiles, they require cleaning every once in a while. With the right sheepskin rug cleaning tips, you can make sure yours looks and feels great for longer. 

Detangle your sheepskin rug ahead of cleaning it

Much like short human hair, sheepskin rugs are prone to tangling and may trap items such as twigs and dirt. To make your cleaning efforts a success, you need to brush it. Although it's possible to buy brushes that specifically suit this purpose, you may find that using a fine cat hair brush works just as well. Brush it gently but thoroughly, and shake away any debris that falls out afterwards. To make sure you remove everything, you might also want to hoover it softly.

Read the rug's care tag thoroughly

You may find that the rug comes with a care tag, just like your clothes. If it does, take a close look at what it says, and follow the instructions. Some care tags may only give vague information, such as "hand wash only". If this is the case with yours, you may want to consult a rug cleaning professional so that they can do the work for you. 

Create a shallow bath of lukewarm water

Having a shallow bath of lukewarm water to submerge your rug in is essential. Spot cleaning it with a sponge or shower can lead to uneven results, or you may rub smells and dirt in further rather than washing them away. After creating the bath, add a detergent that specifically states it cleans sheepskin rugs. Harsh chemicals can cause the skin to shrink, as can hot water. Submerge the rug for five minutes, and then move it around the bath using sweeping motions to encourage dirt to float away.

Rinse and dry manually

Rinsing and drying the rug may require the efforts of two people, especially if it's large. Drain the water from your bath, and ring the rug out. Then, rinse it with cold water, ring it again and repeat. You should also use clean sponges to drain excess moisture away before placing it flat on a surface to air dry. Don't direct sunlight or heat at the rug, as this can lead to it shrinking.

Sheepskin rug cleaning is a long process, which means you might want to use a professional service. Either way, taking your time increases your chances of excellent results without any damage.