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My husband and I have really busy lives and often don't have time to clean the house. Unfortunately, both our kids have quite bad allergies to dust and mould, which means we need to keep the house spotless, which can be quite hard. We have started having a professional cleaning service come in a few times a week to give the house a good scrub while we are at work. It means that we can come home to a clean house. It means everyone is healthier, happier and less stressed out. This blog is for other parents of kids with allergies and has tips on how you can keep your house allergen free.


Allergy free houses

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Prior to Hiring a Skip Bin

by Clarence Shelton

You might be renovating or simply clearing out a sizable chunk of junk from your property--either way, you'll need an economical form of waste disposal. In Australia today, too many people seek to cut corners by conducting illegal dumping practices. This harms the environment and encourages others to follow suit. 

Find a reputable and environmentally friendly rubbish removal service and ask yourself the following six questions to save yourself time and money. 

What Size Skip Bin Will You Need?

Whichever service you decide to hire, you'll need to give them a rough estimate of how much waste you expect to be disposing of. Tell them exactly what you intend to dispose of to help them come up with a size for you, as skip bin providers offer skip bins in several sizes. If in doubt, opt for a slightly bigger skip bin to save yourself a headache later. 

Where Can You Put It?

Examine your property. Is the driveway big enough to accommodate a skip bin? If so, how big? Skip bins can also be placed in front of your property, but you will need a permit from the council. 

How Long Will You Need it For?

You can hire a skip bin for as long as you want. Obviously the longer the hire the more you'll pay. You can save yourself money by calculating your expected work duration and informing the skip bin hire company. 

What Kind of Waste Do You Expect to Put in It?

Certain wastes such as hazardous material like asbestos and chemicals cannot be disposed of in a skip bin. Nor can you place garden waste in a standard skip bin alongside other general waste. Discuss your waste disposal options with your provider before hiring. 

How Much Rubbish are You Allowed to Put in It?

This is another reason you need to choose the right size first time. When filling your skip bin, you must not fill past the level line, as any safety-aware skip bin hire company will not take a skip bin that could prove dangerous to other drivers during transport. Estimate your waste beforehand to avoid this issue. 

Will Your Waste be Recycled? 

Choose a waste disposal service that recycles rather than dumps. Landfill sites in Australia are not the solution, as in time there will be nowhere left to put the rubbish

Answering these questions should give you a better idea of your rubbish removal needs and how to fulfill them first time round. Australia is now leaning toward Eco-friendly ways to dispose of waste. Seek out an environmentally safe skip bin provider for all your waste disposal requirements, and protect Australia's natural habitats.